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  • Cakes

    - Our crumble mix is a tart with a red berries purée on a shortbread shell and a crumble topping
    - Pistachio and raspberry macaroon : There is nothing more to say about it, come to see us. The well-known macaroon is made with a pistachio cream and fresh raspberries
    - Eclair : a long chou filled with a vanilla or chocolate pastry cream
    - Fresh fruit tarts are baked with a thin pastry cream layer and seasonal fruits
    - Millefeuille : cake baked with diplomate cream with several layers of feuilleté
    - Chocolate / hazelnut and coffee cake
    - Manon: flourless chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse
    - Mini tarts : Small tarts filled with
    - Mini choux : choux filled with pastry cream

  • Pastries

    - traditional butter Croissant
    - Pain au chocolat
    - Heavy almond croissant (butter croissant stuffed with almond cream)
    - Heavy chocolate almond croissant: pain au chocolat stuffed with almond cream,
    - Light almond croissant: butter croissant stuffed with a thin layer of marzipan.
    - Danish : Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, custard and chocolate with a layer of cream
    - Pain aux raisins
    - Apple turnover
    - Brioche feuilletée
    - Plane brioche
    - Vanilla custard square
    - Boss stock: soft bread soaked in an orange blossom sirop and topped with almond cream.
    - Cinnamon buns : Cinnamon roll with a sugar icing
    - Blueberry scones : Borrowed to our British friends!

  • Breads

    - Sour dough/rye
    - Dark rye
    - Olive loaf
    - Walnut and Raisin
    - Challah bread
    - Multigrain loaf
    - White loaf
    - Multigrain baguette
    - White baguette
    - Flat rye

  • Delicatessens

    - Madeleines : small sponge cake
    - Cookies, Friands, Palmiers

  • Savory

    Salads :

    - Lentilles salad : Lentilles, onions, cherry tomatoes
    - Beet salad : Beet, green onions, celery and goat cheese
    - Seasonal salads

    Croque monsieur :

    - Ham and cheese with béchamel sauce ;
    - veggie : Spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions and béchamel sauce

    Quiches :

    - zucchini with feta cheese and green peppers
    - butternut squash with caramelized onions
    - ham and cheese,
    - broccoli with cheddar - chicken with leaks

    Sandwiches :

    - Chicken : multigrain baguette with a layer of an eggplant spread and mustard with chicken and spring mix
    - Ham and Cheese : white baguette with a layer of butter and mustard served with ham and swiss cheese
    - Veggie : with butternut squash, caramelized onions, brie cheese and black beans marinated with coconut milk and curry

    Croissant :

    - Ham and Cheese Croissant